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The Facts and Arguments page is found on the back of the front section of Canada's National Newspaper the Globe and Mail. Stories appear on weekdays. Submissions are accepted from anyone about day to day stuff. Editorial guidelines are simple to follow and if selected, you will get a paycheque. F&A is the best read page of the paper. When my pin up calendar story appeared, this site got 40,000 hits in one day!

My horse shoes story was selected for the "Best of Facts and Arguments" published by Penguin Books and edited by Moira Dann. What a buzz that was. I attended the book launch with my newspaper hack friend Brian Reid. We hobbed and knobbed, me feeling like the "rube in the city", him running into historic work friends that brought back not so fond memories. The very best part was the cake. Stew, my beloved dog, was prominently displayed, top centre. You know you've made it when your face appears on a cake.

So do read on....and enjoy. And then consider sending in a submission about your world to Moira.

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