January 10, 2002

While I view Sue Richard's efforts in a mostly positive light, it is most often the pioneer and the small entrepreneur that must go forward (and lose) in order for a cause to be proven successful   --  usually by some larger business who has stood by and seen you take the risk and has learned (at no cost) from your mistakes.

I'm sure hindsight will prove to be very valuable to you if you go ahead with the 2003 issue.  

Objectively, from a purely marketing viewpoint, (and from my benefit of hindsight) it would be hard to sell a new product to a market that is seemingly cut in half by gender, further reduced by conservative older market and competing with 100's if not 1000's of other competitors.  

Unless you already have a client base ready, it would be very difficult.  From a business and administrative standpoint I fully understand CBCF's position, however, the cynical side of me says look for a CBCF produced version of this calendar in the future (see 1st paragraph).

As for the point of the calendar, personally I think we have come farther than you think as I only have to recall the breast examination television advertisements of about a year ago to convince myself of this. Although I often thought of how a female sales clerk would react at my purchasing the calendar for a gift or as a gesture of support.

In conclusion I think it is sometimes easy to take for granted that our liberal-minded city of Guelph (yes I actually said that) may be a little bit ahead of other similar sized communities.

Doug Frank