Letter to the editor of a Canadian Newspaper

January 8, 2002

The refusal of the Breast Cancer Foundation to promote the calendar "Breast of Canada" was a displeasing decision. 

The calendar is a fine educational tool and could help save lives. Although it deals with disease, the calendar really focuses on total breast health, and freeing women from both disease and shame. Shame about their breasts and this society's unhealthy fixation on them are increased by the Foundation's attitude. 

Images of breasts in a non-sexual context, which the calendar presents, help women reclaim ownership of their own bodies. Promoting the notion that such images are not to be seen abets problems the Foundation should be trying to eliminate. 

Marvin Ryder's (professor of marketing and entrepreneurship at McMaster University) comment that "we're still quite uptight" about women's breasts is dubious conjecture. It is not supported by many events and discussions of recent years.  

I bought many copies of this calendar. It is attractive, witty, and informative. It celebrates not just breasts but women, and not just women but life. Those repudiating it are missing an important and splendid achievement.


Paul Rapoport,
Ancaster, ON