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November 05, 2004

Jackie Manthorne
Executive Director/Directrice générale
Canadian Breast Cancer Network
Réseau canadien du cancer du sein
602 - 331 Cooper Street/rue Cooper
Ottawa, ON Canada K2P 0G5

Hi Jackie,

Thank you so much for your patience regarding the final report for the 2004 Breast of Canada sales period. One of my Canadian distributors files their return report August 15th for the previous years sales. Given they have a fully returnable component to their contract with me, it is critical information for the final numbers.

Sales and expenses are both moving in their appropriate directions. Sales are going up. Expenses are going down. This will bode well for the 2005 edition.

I have not included any of the costs of my home based office, business phone, fax or internet hookup in the expenses of producing the calendar. Nor have I paid myself anything for my effort with Breast of Canada. Given I've been able to land a good contract with a website design company in Guelph, my income is generated from that source. And since I do that work from my home office, I'm charging my office expenses again those earnings.

When the calendar becomes more established, and if my contract changes, this may need to be adjusted. I also hope to eventually recoup my initial investment. But for now, the satisfaction I derive from creating BoC and the incredible feedback I get from the calendar customers provide me with ample reward.

And so, from a loss of $50,000.00 on the 2002 edition, it is quite astounding for me to report a $587.06 net profit for 2004. Given that the calendars very nature is an excellent tool for what it claims to support; breast health education, I feel that the entire $34,924.79 in gross sales and sponsorship raised for the 2004 edition fulfills our mutual goal of providing excellent health information and positive encouragement to thousands of women. Gross expenses equalled $34,337.73 and included printing, sub-contractors, bank and credit card fees, office supplies, marketing and promotion, sales opportunities and delivery. We sold 2498 copies and donated 985 calendars to various women's groups worldwide making a total of 3483 calendars that are out, hanging on walls, doing their job.

I¹m hopeful that CBCN appreciates the long term profile that your organization gets from each and every calendar. I¹m told owners read the calendar cover to cover, use them for a year and save them as a keepsake.

The media exposure continues to grow as well. The story I wrote about the Young and Breastless conference was published in the Guelph Mercury and is being considered by both Herizon Magazine and The Canadian Women's Health Network Magazine.

The 2006 edition is expected to go to press in April 2005. Our photo contest and Breast Haiku Contest are both popular and are generating more involvement and more awareness. For 2006, I intend to put a spotlight on women living with the BrCa genes.

Our 2006 calendar launch date is already booked for September 30th, 2005. And given this calendar marks our 5th edition, we hope to host an extra special event.


Sue Richards

P.S. During a photo shoot last week, my 77 year old model said, "Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get real with myself. It's never too late".