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For Immediate Release
September 12, 2005
Guelph, ON, Canada

Fifth Annual Breast of Canada Calendar Launch

Here at Breast of Canada Headquarters, we hold the liberating belief that 'normal is beautiful'. To prove our point, we publish the annual Breast of Canada Calendar, a breast health educational tool, featuring fine art photographs of a broad range of breasts.

Feedback has been strong. Over the last 5 year's, countless calendar owners have told us that by owning and using the calendar, their sense of breast health evolved and improved with each passing season.

The process is that simple. And that powerful.

Independently published by Sue Richards and a talented team of breast friends from across Canada, this educational calendar will inspire you to be breast confident and breast health informed.

Breast of Canada also includes thought provoking editorial copy. Have you ever wondered if there's any connection between cosmetic and hair care product use and the incidence of breast cancer?

Here's what we've learned so far:

There is no scientific proof of a link. (But don't take that for an answer: there was no scientific proof linking smoking and lung cancer until 1996!)

Currently, several breast cancer groups in the United States are demanding that all ingredients in personal care products be properly scrutinized before they hit store shelves. Nearly 90% of these ingredients haven't been tested for safety. The Environmental Working Group's report Skin Deep (www.ewg.org) found that one-third of all beauty care products contain one or more ingredients classified as possible human carcinogens.

The 2006 Breast of Canada calendar is dedicated (posthumously) to Dr. Gabriele Helms and her daughter Hana.

Born May 15th, 1966, Gabi lead her breast cancer support group in the organization of a "Networking Event for Young Women with Breast Cancer" called The Young and the Breastless. An assistant professor of English at University of British Columbia, Breast of Canada model and a Canadian Breast Cancer Network director, Gabi was 38 years old when she died from breast cancer on New Year's eve, 2004. Tragically, her death came three days after giving birth to her first child.

Nineteen photo contest entries from over 150 submissions to our annual Photo Contest are featured in the 2006 edition and eight Breast Haiku's from our annual contest appear throughout.

Breast of Canada is a grassroots, cottage industry, artist effort, published in Guelph, the birthplace of topfree Ontario. BoC is honoured to be partnered with the Canadian Breast Cancer Network - cbcn.ca. Principle photographer for BoC is Melanie Gillis.

For the detailed, daily adventure of being a breast calendar publisher, check out Sues' Blog; Calendar Girl http://breastofcanada.blogspot.com/

Official 2006 Breast of Canada Calendar Launch:
Friday, September 30, 8pm,
Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan St. Guelph.

Featuring Tannis Slimmon (tannis.ca) and
the Breast Friends Choir.
Unwaged: pay-what-you-can. Waged: Suggested $10.00.

For interviews or our FTP Image Gallery address:

Sue Richards
E: [email protected]
P: (519) 767-0142

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