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I am a lucky woman. Not only do I live in a beautiful city that is environmentally conscious, I am surrounded by artistic genius. Guelph is a haven for musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, film makers, craft people, writers, designers, cartoonists and on and on and on. We are thick with creative energy. The downtown core resonates to a vibrant frequency that makes the adventure of life interesting and rich.

When I started Breast of Canada, I decided that I wanted to do the entire project in my slippers. The idea behind such a cushy notion was to reduce the energy loss associated with commuting and running around and instead, work with the talent on my street.

Both fine art photographer Melanie Gillis  and graphic designer Gareth Lind  were keen to put their breast work forward with little prodding from me. They too work from home studios. They like slippers. Lucky for me.

Web wench, Sandy Walsh joined the team as the project hit it's first wall in the fall of 2001. Her remarkable sense of order and speed of execution gave me a glimmer of hope that I was in fact doing something meaningful and positive and that more hands would help to bring the project to a broader audience. She was right.  Lucky, lucky.

Then Brian Reid appeared. A newspaper hack with a newsroom background of epic proportion. His extraordinary quick wit and wordsmith finesse provided much needed fuel for the extensive media relations portion of the project. He also has the most breast puns. Lucky me.

Liz Armstrong puts her very clear and sharp pen to paper and provides the nitty and gritty editorial material that covers the issues related to the cause and prevention of breast cancer. She is a life long advocate of women's health and a watch dog bar none. I love dogs. Just my luck.

Then we have Sarah Smith,  Katie Saunders and Kathe Gray who meticulously proof read the calendar three times each before we dare send it to press. The mistakes that they find leave me shaking my head in I thank my lucky stars.

Many, many others help out too.  My big brother Bob signed my line of credit. I think he hopes that I will eventually get a job and settle down like all the other 45 year old people in the world.  Dear friends Emma and Mike extended much needed financial assistance. Ron Ingle and Mike Swan, both gems of men make my life easier by doing their jobs brilliantly and with such charm. Peter and Karen cheer me on from the sidelines. Paul, Matt, Jeff and the very lovely and talented Tannis who appears in so many of my stories all make this the breast project ever.

And you. You there reading this page. Thanks. Thanks for being interested enough to read this far.  I really hope you find this as inspiring an adventure as we all do.

Sue R.


Contact Sue Richards at [email protected]

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